Article 1: Organization

1.1 This organization shall be known as the 'Glen Abbey Slo Pitch League', sometimes abbreviated to 'Glen Abbey Slo Pitch' or 'GASPL'.


Article 2: Purpose

2.1 The purpose of the league shall be to promote, govern, improve, and develop the game of Slo Pitch, both League and Tournament play, in a responsible and organized environment for the personal enjoyment and recreation of its participants.

2.2 The league is run by and/or on behalf of amateur athletes.


Article 3: Membership

3.1 The league may be affiliated with recognized sanctioning bodies and would pay membership fees/dues where required.

3.2 The organization is located in the Town of Oakville and local towns and cities in the province of Ontario, Canada.

3.3 Any person and/or team may apply for membership in the organization with an application, accompanied by the annual registration fee as set by the League Executive before the date set by the League Executive. All persons, either individual or team, must qualify by being either a resident of Oakville, or local area, as well as being in good standing with the League.


Article 4: Amendment to Constitution

4.1 No amendments or alterations shall be made to any part of the constitution of this League except at the Annual General Meeting and only by a vote of simple majority of the votes cast. Notice of any proposed amendments or alterations must be filed with the League Executive, in writing, prior to November 1st of the current year. The Executive Board shall then forward amendments or alterations to the Annual General Meeting. Once an amendment has been voted in, this amendment will be locked in for 2 full seasons before the vote can take place to alter the amendment.


Article 5: Rules of Order

5.1 In all matters not covered by the Constitution, By-Laws and/or the Official League Playing Rules of this League, the "Scott, Foresman, Robert Rules of Order, Newly Revised" shall be considered as the proper authority and said rules shall be followed as though they were part hereof.


Article 6: By-Laws

6.1 The By-Laws, appended to this Constitution, shall describe the Organization and Function of the League, the Terms of Membership and the means by which individuals may elect the League Executive and influence activities of the League.


Article 7: Voting Procedures

7.1 A quorum of any Executive Board Meeting will be two thirds (2/3) of the entities to vote, (minimum of 1/2 those present)

7.2 Voting for Officers will be recorded as follows. Executive Board Members and qualified members of the League shall each have one vote each.

a) Qualified members of the League being a registered member of the League in good standing

7.3 Each voting delegate in attendance will cast his/her own vote. A vote by proxy will not be permitted.


Article 8: Annual General Meeting

8.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held within the last two weeks of November. The location and date shall be determined by the League Executive.

a) Each delegate shall cast his/her own vote. A vote by proxy will not be permitted.

b) The order of business shall be established by the League President and Vice President.

c) Business shall include the election of Officers as necessary and amendments to the Constitution and Rules & Regulations.

8.2 Meetings for the Executive Board will or may be called once per month by either the League President or other League Executives and must be called at least two times annually.