Tuesday November 8th, 2016

7:30 p.m.

King’s Arms




1.  Welcome   

- Jeremy                                                              


·         Welcome to the 2016 AGM

·         Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2016 season

·         Going to run through the meeting, it’s going to be made available online for viewing

·         Reviewing new voting procedures

·         Reviewed the agenda


2.     Review Financials       

- Shady


·       Incurring increased costs across the board

o    banquet costs, prizes, equipment costs, insurance

·       Umpires and town were more money

·       Annual dues have remained low

·       Possibly need to increase fees to match the inflation of the league

·       Need to maintain $10 000 balance for insurance

·       Question: Ron Mavin

§  Increased 25$ last year should we increase again this year

·       Answer: Shady Stasi

§  Possibly looking at keeping early bird registration at 175 with regular registration at 225. 

·       Taxi chits – one to Guelph, and one to downtown Toronto , high costs

·       Town fees 1800 surcharge for hydro (paying a premium for lights at night games)


3.     Discussion Points

- Executive


a.      Umpires

·       Returned to SPN, improved the attendance

·       For the most part umpiring was much improved this year

·       Brand new umps to the league on championship weekend will be addressed

·       Additional concern re. umpires showing up in boots/sandals

·       This is a rec league with rec level umps

·       Need to be sure that all umps know the SPN rules


b.     Late Rule Proposal submissions

·       Should these be accepted?

·       3 were submitted

o    Changing the mercy rule,

o   Changing the max runs scored per inning

o   Taking up men’s protected list from 10 to 12/14

·       There’s a deadline in place to allow all members of the league to review rules

·       These late submitted rules could significantly affect the league,

·        Deadline is very clear on the emails/website

·       Will not be accepting late rule proposals at this time


c.      Other business                        

·       Requested a closing date for registration to be sent in emails/stated on site

·       Be clear with a deterrent if you don’t sign up

·       Question: how many teams will be coming back next season?

o    Gauging where we’re at in the next couple of weeks

·       Last year we tried having coed play Sunday afternoons only

o    Feedback to the exec throughout the year indicates that this wasn’t ideal

o    As an exec, we’re going to continue to have conversations about this , but at this point we are leaning towards flip flopping weekends, coed afternoon one week, and coed evenings next week – on Monday nights coed would play at 7 and mens would play at 9

o    May be able to run using only Glen Ashton using this schedule

·       Safety was a concern at Palermo


4.     Review Rules & By Law Proposals          


1.       Move playoffs to a weekend format. This will allow players and teams ample time to organize and prepare.

·       keeping in mind provincials for weekends

·        weekends in September can be challenging for teams who play competitive

·        no matter what weekend we pick – there will be some conflict

o    can you pick a weekend that has limited conflict

o     could you run 5, 7, 9 and avoid 1 & 3 ?

·         limited diamond times could affect rainouts, etc.

·       provincials can be more important to players than league play, which will affect the turnout regardless

2.       There is a 5 minute grace period at the start of every game (i.e., games scheduled for 1pm will be able to start up to 1:05). If they have not started by 5 minutes after the posted start time they will be called a forfeit

·       5 minutes will allow for teams to ask for help with bags, etc.

3.       All executive position terms are 2 years.

a.       President, Mens convener and Secretary will be voted on during even years (e.g., 2016, 2018,2020) while Vice President, Coed Convener and Treasurer will be voted on during odd years (e.g., 2017, 2019, 2021)

b.       If a position becomes vacant during the 2 year period, the executive can appoint a replacement member (by majority vote) to fulfill the 2 year term or the position may remain vacant until the end of the 2 year term

·       balanced executive

·       ability to share information to incoming exec members

·       Question: why do people not want to volunteer?

o   If there are no people to run the league, there won’t be a league

o   do people understand what the roles are

4.      Playoff tie breaker should be run differential, not runs against.

· Rec league has encouraged not running the score up which is why it has been ‘head to head’, then ‘runs against’

COED Division Rule Proposals

1.              Female players can be replaced on a roster at any time prior to the start of playoffs

·       women are built differently than men, can get pregnant at any time

·      younger families in the league can be challenging to replace them going forward

·       struggle every year to have female players – need to do what we can to ensure we’re helping teams

·      Question:  what about replacing players with players who are “better”?

o   could exec step in at the point that teams replace multiple players

·       clarity may be needed around this rule

·       could doctor’s notes be required?

2.              Female players can spare for other teams in the league – up to 5 times per season

·       some teams have struggled to get spares on a regular basis

·       limited number of times per season

·       not enough times to change the outcome of the season

·       helps the league and teams who are missing players

·       if a girl subs for another team and gets hurt – this is detrimental to a team

·      this person could get hurt regardless of if they are sparing with another team, or playing in a different league

·      we all pay to play, getting extra games for free, teams that are struggling can be helped

·      not being put in place to take advantage of the league

·      taking away from outside spares – where a lot of females have come back to play in subsequent seasons

·      amendment to voting

o    change from 5 times to 3 times

3.              Teams must field a minimum of 4 female players at all times

·      Switching from 5 and 5 to SPN 6 and 4

·      What about teams then having to cut someone?

·      Rule has been proposed yearly

·      Do majority of coed teams have 7 girls?

·      Beneficial to the league to change to 6 & 4

·      Do we change the roster sizes?

·      All provincials and tournaments are 6 & 4

·      Struggling to fill spots that are left when we have people registering

·      Amendment – roster is a 8 men and 6 women and fielding is 6 and 4 format

·      can have more women than men on the field if teams wish

·      If this rule passes – we would review what rules need to be changed going forward and then default to SPN as needed

5.     Rules & By Law Voting

- Jeremy/Katie                                                   

·         Online ballots available through www.glenabbeyslopitch.com starting Nov. 14th

·         Coed players to vote using COED form, Men’s using Mens form.  If you play in both leagues, please only vote using the COED form.  There are no additional rules for men’s division this year

·         Only one vote will be accepted per player & voting closed at midnight on Nov. 18th


6.     Executive Positions Voting             

- Ron

Executive Nominations 

President:  Jeremy Mills

Mens Convenor: none

·                Possibly someone has accepted an appointment

Secretary: Katie Mann

7.     Meeting Adjourned